Photography as always been a passion in the family, and i am no exception. The urge to keep that landscape, that moment recorded forever, is something that comes from within my body as a need as deep as breathing for me. At the same time i enjoy sharing the views of this wonderful world we’re in with the rest of all the million people that share one of my favorite activities, travelling! Meeting new cultures and experiencing new landscapes is something priceless for a human being while he as the luck to enjoy life on this Earth

João Branco
owner | Photographer

It all started back in 2015 when i finally decided to try out what my heart and soul had been asking me to do for years. Backpack on, camera gear ready and whole lot of thirst for adventure, i headed out an a 3 weeks solo trip along Malaysia, Singapore and magnificent Indonesia. And a fantastic journey it was…i’ve seen amazing new cultures, breathtaking landscapes and a such a kind and friendly people, but most of all i came back a different person, from that moment on, the missing gap inside my being had finally been completed! Traveling as become a need for me as deep as breathing. For me, knowing this planet and its natural and man-made wonders  is an unexplained source of joy and energy for my soul. Capturing moments like i experienced into photography and sharing it with others really makes the match while i’m going.

For the last 5 years, among others travels, I’ve was fortunate enough to visit what is for me one of the most amazing countries in the world , China. I grew fond of it once I got to know deeply its culture, people, natural and man made amazing landscapes! Its probably the most diverse country I know and its not actually surprising given its size and population.

From 22nd Century cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen which seem taken out of a sci-fi movie to the rural or ancient China with millennial villages, some with more then 1000 years old still preserved to this day, or even the Avatar mountains that seem something impossible to exist…this is wonderland China for me! 

Still so much more to discover and explore, I long for the day I can go back once again!

In 2018 I got to know what I would call another planet…It was an old dream that could finally be achived. The Land of Fire and Ice, ICELAND! Its not by chance that this country is often chosen to be set for sci-fi movies on alien civilizations or why it was picked by NASA to test the first Lunar landing. It contains the most unbelievable landscapes and a unique contrast between Life and Lifeless, containing  some of the last known Glaciers in the world that feed the endless and immortal rivers streams and massive waterfalls. Yet, 90% of its territory contains no trees and is striped of green areas. The island is volcanic thus providing this spectacular feeling sometimes of time traveling to the beginning of the Earth’s birth. It is also one of the few places on the planet we can really watch the Auroras in its full power…and believe me…its one of a kind experience…

Inside my bag:

This is the gear i normally use to shoot the photos you can see in my portfolio:

  • SONY A7RII Camera

  • ZEISS Lens 16-35mm f4

  • SONY Lens 55mm f1.8

  • SONY Lens G Master 70-200mm f4

  • Laowa Lens 15mm f2 Zero-D

  • NiSi Filter holder V5

    • NiSi ND1000 10 stop

    • Nisi ND68 7 stop

    • NiSi Gradient filter 3 stops

  • Kase Clip-In Filter ND1000

  • Innorel Tripod

  • Lowepro Camera Bag Whistler BP 350AW II